GOT STINK?    Odor Medicine

Pets and Skunk Smell

       If you have a hunting dog you need to have Pet Clean.
Use Pet Clean Before the hunt.   Use Pet Clean after the dog get sprayed by a skunk       Spray down the kennel
                                                              and removel the skunk smell ASAP

                                                            How to make Pet Clean
   Pet odors like cat urine, dog urine, and other types of pet urine are difficult to remove. Eliminate pet odors quickly and permanently with Odor Medicine. No matter if your problem is cat urine in the carpet, dog urine in your den, or pet odors in your boat, Odor Medicine will remove the odor permanently. 

   Odor Medicine is the most powerful odor eliminator available! Eliminate stinky carpet smells like cat urine quickly and permanently. Originally designed to eliminate nasty urine odors from public restrooms, Odor Medicine is effective on all types of organic odors including animal feces.  Odor Medicine is safe for hardwood floors, concrete, and most other types of flooring.
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